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Pupil Voice on Reading

We asked a group of children, from across the school, about reading here at Flushdyke. This is what they said: 


Edie in Year 6 said:


"I really enjoyed it when we read Street Child as part of our Reading and Writing lessons. The vocabulary and detail was excellent and I loved the happy ending to the story when the characters came back together."


"I've always been a reader. At the moment, I am reading a lot of Jacqueline Wilson books from our Reading Corner. My new book Queenie is all about the relationship between a young girl and her grandmother. I like those sorts of books and ones that are written well."


Freddie in Year 6 said:


"I've read a lot of books this year. I change my book every week to get a new one. The book I enjoyed listening to and reading in class this year was A Journey to the River Sea - it was very adventurous!"


William in Year 5 commented:


"I have been working way my through the football stories from our class library. The one I am reading at the moment is about Mo Salah and the different parts of the world he has lived in and played. When I have finished reading the football books I enjoy, I will probably move on to the David Walliams collection - they're great."


"I read every day at home, longer on some days than others. My parents listen to me reading my book."


Molly in Year 4 said:


"My favourite book I have taken home this year was a book called Kids Fight Plastic - one of the books we won in the Summer Reading Challenge. I've really enjoyed 'completing the missions' with my family. I know that my reader identity is a mixture of environmental, adventure and diary-style books."


"I loved The Ice Palace which we read in class before Christmas - it's a great adventure story! The part of the story I really enjoyed was when Ivan first set off on his journey from the village, through the woods."


"I read a lot at home! When I'm not reading my school book, I'm reading one of my own books such as the History of Ossett which I'm about to start to reading."


Harry in Year 4 commented:


"Roald Dahl is one of my favourite authors so my favourite book we have read this year has to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's just a really fun book to read and listen to."


"I would say my reader identity is part history books, e.g. Woeful World War 2, and also football and diary-type books."  


Theo in Year 3 said: 


"I am enjoying the The Iron Man which we are reading in class at the moment. I like it because it's a good story and parts of the story are mysterious." 


Freya in Year 2 commented: 


"My favourite book I have taken home this year is Paddington Bear. I really like chapter 2 because all of the other animals take food from Paddington when he's not looking. It's really funny!"


"I really enjoyed it when Miss Millar read the book The Proudest Blue. It's about two sisters and the older sister sticks up for her younger sister when the other children are laughing at her hijab. It's not right that they were being mean to her because her hijab was beautiful. It was blue like the sea and the sky."


Joshua in Year 2 said: 


"I love reading! My book at the moment is called The King of the Birds and the one we are all reading in class in called The Day the Crayons Quit. I'm enjoying it because the pictures of the crayons show how they are feeling and that helps me to understand different feelings."


James in Year 1 said: 


"I like the book Follow Me. It's about a family of ducks and ducklings but the third duckling doesn't want to go anywhere because he's scared. The others help him and he does go in the water in the end."