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At Flushdyke, our aim is to provide a high-quality geography curriculum which develops our children’s confidence, knowledge and skills as geographers through understanding their place in the world and learning how they can make a difference to the future of the planet.


Our curriculum is designed to enable all children to develop a contextual knowledge of location at local, national and global levels, moving from learning about Ossett and Wakefield, to the United Kingdom, Europe and the wider world. We support our children in understanding that the physical and human features of the seas and lands are interdependent and can change over time.


Through our carefully designed two-year rolling topics, our children develop and apply the skills which young geographers need. Our children will become curious geographers where they are equipped with the skills to create and use maps, use aerial photographs, carry out surveys and collect data through fieldwork. The children study various locations around the world and are encouraged to identify human and physical features.


It is our goal that, by the time children leave Flushdyke and continue their journey in education, they have developed enquiring minds to engage in discussion around geographical topics and are able to communicate their understanding numerically and in writing. Reading is actively promoted to engage the children’s understanding of the world and learn about diverse places, varied environments and different people across the world. 


Through our engaging and meaningful topics, we aim to inspire our young geographers with a lifelong passion for geographical knowledge and understanding of the planet on which they live, as well as develop a desire for protecting our world in the future.


Mr Lowe

Geography Subject Leader