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Curriculum Statement

At Flushdyke, our curriculum is carefully designed, implemented and reviewed to ensure that our core values are LIVED through everything that we do within and across our school. We strive for excellence on a daily basis to ensure children FLY HIGH AT FLUSHDYKE.



Our flexible curriculum is designed with ambition, for all of our pupils, to create a broad range of opportunities and memorable experiences which allow our children to live our core vales:


We are kind

We are safe

We are resilient

We are accepting of diversity 

We are respectful

We are talented


We ensure that we develop children’s strength of character by designing our curriculum around key themes which support a holistic education for every child. Some subjects are linked to key themes to ensure real depth of learning and other subjects are taught all year round.


Our inclusive curriculum ensures that we are compliant with the Equality Act 2010 and the SEND regulations 2014, ensuring access for all. 



  • Our core values drive everything that we do so that we can develop the holistic child with an explicit focus on developing the children’s strength of character and personal development
  • We plan backwards from an ambitious, agreed end point so that quality first teaching leads to high quality outcomes
  • We do this through clear, consistent and progressive teaching sequences so that pupils master knowledge, skills and understanding for each curriculum area that lead to meaningful, high quality outcomes
  • Key skills are taught explicitly so that they can be mastered and applied within and across the curriculum and beyond
  • Knowledge is organised coherently to ensure progression so that pupils have strong core knowledge across our rich curriculum
  • We place a huge emphasis on retrieval and spaced repetition so that our pupils know more, remember more and are able to do more
  • We develop children’s understanding through rich, connected learning opportunities and experiences so that pupils can connect new knowledge with existing knowledge
  • Along with our core values, we provide a language rich environment, with an emphasis on talk and vocabulary, which underpins our curriculum so that children can thrive and become confident, literate individuals
  • We effectively use assessment for and of learning so that we can identify next steps for pupils on their journey to true mastery and depth



Achievement at Flushdyke is defined as children knowing more, remembering more and being able to do more across our broad and rich curriculum. This leads to pupils who are ready and fit for the next stage of their education. We measure this through a 360-degree top level review of our school’s curriculum and dive deep into every aspect of work in our relentless pursuit of excellence for every child.