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Meet the School Council

Congratulations to our new School Council members for 2021-2022:


Year 1 - Woody L. and Grace B.              


Year 2 - Eli H. and Freya W.


Year 3 - Phoenix B. and William D. 


Year 4 - Lily-May S. and Harry H.


Year 5 - Annie D. and Flynn D.


Year 6 - Edie S. and Adam Q.

Our New Library

Meeting 5


This week, the school council met to view the new library. The children were amazed by the transformation and all agreed that it was such a huge improvement. The children enjoyed exploring the new library space and reading our brand new books. Thank you to the School Council for their valuable input in to our library re-design - what an impact you have had! 


See pictures of our new library above... 


Meeting 4


This week, the full School Council met to discuss plans for redesigning our school



We shared the ideas we have come up with so far and the Councilors put forward some great suggestions as to how we could use the library once the work has been completed. There was lots of interest in becoming librarians and helping to run the library and take care of it. Watch this space for exciting news on how our library transforms over the next term...


Meeting 3


This week, the School Councilors from Key Stage 2 met to organise our £500 worth of new books which we received for winning the Summer Reading Challenge for Wakefield. They organised the books by carefully deciding which class they were age-appropriate for, and they stamped them too. These books will now be fed in to class libraries to offer a wider variety of books for all of our children. Another productive meeting with our talented School Council. Well done everyone! 


Meeting 2


Since our last meeting, our Councilors have been very busy. Last week, they carried out a class survey to find out the types of books which are most popular amongst their classmates. In this week's meeting, they fed-back their findings to the rest of the School Council. Here are the results showing the most popular types of books in each class: 


Class 2 - Animal stories, Non-fiction books and stories about Sports Teams. 


Class 3 - Roald Dahl stories, Football stories, Harry Potter and stories about Animals.


Class 4 - Comedy stories, Adventure books, Fantasy tales and Horror stories (age-appropriate ones). 


Well done to all of our School Councilors for carrying out the survey and feeding back their findings in such a mature way. In our next meeting, Councilors will be spending time finding books online which they can order for their class libraries.   


Meeting 1


In our first meeting of the year, the School Council discussed how we could improve our class libraries. They shared lots of ideas, and it was decided that the Councilors from each class would ask their class teacher for some time to find out what types of books the rest of their class enjoy reading


In our next meeting, the School Council will share what they found out from speaking to their classmates. Then, the Council will decide which new books to order to make their class libraries better and more in-line with what their class enjoy reading.